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/em is deafened by the feedback!

So, um, yeah. I haven't posted in ... (I refuse to look). Let's have a run-down, then.

I am still working on my PhD. Passed my comps (or at least the committee thinks I did, so I'll take it). Still have to write the damn thing, and since I'm reworking the entire concept to a more Linguistic bent (what I wanted to do anyway), I may have to shuffle my committee some. Fun times will be had by none, let me tell you what.

I am officially living by myself now. Hey, I'm 30, it was time. ^^ Anyway, nice 2/1 apartment literally just off-campus. I'm looking forward to being able to walk to work in the fall. This summer? Not so much. But it's a lot more convenient than the previous place, as it was pretty much off in the boonies. And it's nice, having my own place, where the furniture is where I want it, and any flaws in the place are my fault, which means I'm not as neurotic about what other people are doing to my comfort zone.

Still teaching. They forget to tell you it's addictive, your first day. Still teaching in Journalism, and isn't it so much fun, what with the department becoming its own college. But when I consider the options for jobs out there...

I am still perennially single. A complete lack of knowledge of where to find a dating pool doesn't help. Or even newdifferent people to talk to. I value my current friends. A LOT. Why some of you have yet to kill me, I do not know. But my collection of friends here in Denton that I spend any great majority of time with is down to two. Twegen. Duos. This is not a good thing.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not trying to replace friends. But I'm bored. I want to meet new people, get out of the apartment, actually maybe live.

Do I have any how? Not a one. I started going to fellowship, partly cause I needed to, partly to meet people, and I value every minute of it, but I'm in sort of a gap age group. And as for putting myself online in some fashion? I just dunno. And since Denton seems to be allergic to 24-hour coffee shops now, and the only gay bar in town is kinda sorta a dive? Not really good places to meet people, let alone hang out.

Blah. Old rant. I could probably block-text search that last paragraph and find it in an earlier post. SS, DD, and I'm not talking floppies.

Date: 2009-07-15 04:54 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] nightdragon.livejournal.com
my eternal solution: move to austin. ;)

surely there is a PNO group or something up there... ours meets every 4th friday of the month at a coffee shop.. kinda a fellowship.

as for online, i suggest plentyoffish.com... it's free, there are forums, and you can ignore it if you want. ;) it can't hurt you, though.

i miss you. we were hoping to make it up to DFW, but what with the house and job searches, and dan starts his new job in two weeks or so, it may not happen for a little while. *HUGS*


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