What I'm Doing Wednesday

Sep. 13th, 2017 05:15 pm
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every damn thing is flaring right now. I have pain in my hands and wrists that I've never had before, to the point that I'm wearing my PT elbow braces to type in. I finally located my elbow night brace & now have only to de-lint it. Possibly if I start sleeping in both carpal braces & at least one elbow brace, I can fix this.

Yuletide noms close in 2 1/2 days, and I don't know what to nom. I don't know what -- if anything -- I'm qualified to write for this year. Except, at the same time, I feel like I've got a story in me. God knows I've read enough this year to be able to offer a ton of book fandoms. *ponders* Oh! I should make sure that Early Modern London Theatre RPF has Annie Shakespeare in it so I can request Will/Kit/Annie hijinks. And I should probably make sure the right muppets are nommed. Hmm, what else?

What I'm Doing Wednesday

Sep. 6th, 2017 08:30 pm
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The pattern for my kitty kick bunny is juuust about ready, but then I thought it was ready yesterday and the day before, and I've made copious edits, so it's just going to wait a little. Isn't it cute, though? Totally customizable catnip toy for kitties or cuddle toy for toddlers, with instructions for each. So close to ready!

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alleged (not actual) gasoline shortage
rant )tl;dr: And so, a couple of hundred yards away, I've had a week of assholes honking at each other day and night as they compete over gas pumps FOR NO REASON. File under mob mentality, idiocy.

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Locally, this coming week's highs are only in the 80s, thanks to Harvey bringing the temps down and a convenient cold front rolling right in. It makes me feel like planting something! Meanwhile, Hurricane Irma is especially terrifying because most major disaster recovery infrastructure is in use dealing with Harvey, not staged for the coastal southeast. This is, of course, a terrible time to be anywhere from the Antilles to to Miami to Charleston. I'm only grateful Katia's path is headed sw into Mexico & José is likely to turn out to sea, knock wood. I'm having so many feelings about this nightmare hellscape of a year, but 3 Atlantic hurricanes at once(!) less than 2 weeks after a Cat 4 landfall where I grew up--it's just unspeakable. I'm coping w yarn and plants and not-Spring cleaning and rearranging furniture and books. Control the thing you can, right? *g*


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